Monday, March 2, 2009

A Year Ago . . .

Wow ... so it's been a year ago now (and a few days) since we got that infamous call! The time had come and our baby girl was revealed to us. The Lord had been preparing our hearts for her what seemed like forever. We will never forget seeing her first photos and hearing her story. The shock ... the sadness ... the overwhelming hope and joy.

What a long journey you have had, precious child, in your first two years of life. Many difficulties, losses and trials . . . yet your heavenly Father loves you SO MUCH and by His grace made a way to provide a family for you. Oh what a privilege it is, precious Arsema to be your family. You are a beautiful reflection of God's grace.

Gone are the days of being weak and ill and tiny. You are now strong and full of energy. Your vocabulary is just exploding and it is so much fun to hear you learning to build sentences. You're a bit sneaky and beginning to be quite mischievous. Just this week as you found sister's gum (in the trash can!) and quickly hid it away safely between your chomping teeth you said to me .... "Gum ... mmmmmmm ... yummy ... Mommy!!". I could do nothing but laugh and let you enjoy your rescued treat. Silly girl!!

There are times you still get confused and scared and far away ... especially during our recent move. Those painful expressions of yours take me back to our first days together in your home land. More often though your eyes just sparkle and light up with wonder as you explore and take in all the amazing discoveries in this world.

You are so loved, my precious child. I will never forget God's relentless urging in my spirit about you. It seemed impossible that He would lead us to adopt again. By all realistic standards it was just kind of over-the-top. Oh but the Lord has NO limits, my child. He is ABLE to walk us through any mountains we face. I am so glad He led us to you. Through this journey I have learned so much about His heart and what He values.

May the Lord continue to work through your life just as He has ordained.


Amy B. said...

So precious. We have a picture of Nathan in that same little plaid outfit in the last picture. She was so tiny. Amazing that one year has come and gone, isn't it?


Spirit of Adoption said...

I can't read it all right now, but I'm drooling over the pics! So, so, precious! The Lord is so gracious to give us such precious little gifts!! : )

Rebecca said...

This is such a sweet letter to Arsema. Motherhood is amazing, especially when God gives us these sweet babies to parent!

David said...

A year already? Wow! Gosh, she is so adorable. Regarding your question on my blog...the braids lasted for a solid 3 days. Maya's hair is too soft for it to stay in that style for more than that. I may have made it another day. It was fun to try it.


The Albertsons said...

i love that sweet girl of yours :)
what a crazy year it's been!!!