Saturday, December 12, 2009

God's Princess

This picture brings about such emotion for me. Five years ago we were trusting the Lord to reveal the child He had given us a burden for. A child who would be born in America without parents able to care for him/her. A child we would use the last few dollars (and so many more) we had to our names to bring home. A child our young sons (at that time) worked all sorts of odd jobs to help raise the money for their adoption. A child that would take our family across ethnicity lines ..... in our situation those lines could have also meant still be welcomed in the family ..... God had another plan! .... those are now lines of love.

There were sooooooo many practical reasons NOT to say "yes" to God concerning adoption for our family. It would really be impossible to put into words the gratitude I have in my heart for the man in this picture. Because this man said YES to God, one more little girl doesn't have to grow up knowing the pain of being fatherless. Instead of being a statistic in the US Foster Care system, this precious spunky Texan has the status of family member.

We know full well, it's not about us saving children. OH HOW WE HAVE BEEN CHANGED because of adoption. But when I see this picture, I can't help but also know the sacrifice that was made and in part today is still made. For some, adoption is more than a RADICAL step of faith. It is not just the rich or upper or even middle class families that God calls to OBEY Him concerning adoption! The call to care for the orphan and the fatherless has NO financial status tied to it. If we are a child of God and have been saved and ADOPTED BY HIM then we MUST listen to HIS HEART for HIS CHILDREN.

Today a little girl will go see a fairytale movie about a princess, but she gets to live out soooooo much more than a fairytale. Her story is REAL. She is the princess of a REAL prince and even greater a REAL KING. Her life is not all perfect and this side of heaven she'll probably never live in a big castle and certainly does not live in a family with a big bank account. But even better she will get to grow up hearing about the hope of heaven where there are mansions waiting and the singing of angels and the worshiping of the one true King.

As Christmas draws near ..... will you be brave enough to think about the children both here in the USA and across the world that are so desperate for a family? Will you be bold enough to ask God what YOUR part is? Hang on ....... you just might get your life radically changed. I promise you can't even imagine such a wild and wonderful ride.


Spirit of Adoption said...

Amen, friend! Makes me teary!! ; ) Love you all so much!

Amy said...

Thanks for this. I'm now sitting here with tears in my eyes! :) I am a friend of Lynette's, and I got to hear your story at Mom2Mom. We have always felt God calling us toward adoption, but are finally at the point of beginning the actual pursuit of it. I'm so excited,and a bit terrified of all the details to come. And of course, am trying to just trust God with the financial aspect as it seems so beyond our grasp. Thank you for encouraging us!

David Roberts said...

You are such a wonderful mom and wife ... adoption certainly is at the center of your being. After that of your Lord and Savior. I love you Sweetheart!

drea said...

What a beautiful Princess story. Thank you for sharing it with us.

Amber said...

We have just finalized our second adoption...out of foster care and like the others...there are tears in my eyes! :0)