Friday, January 1, 2010

A New Year 2010

New Year's is often a time of great reflection for people. For me, it's always a time of seeking the Lord about what He wants to do in my life .... what He wants me to work on ... what areas I should focus on for the new year.

Last night as we played games with our big guys my mind and heart kept wandering to a time past. My mind drifted to and from wondering what it must have been like five years ago for the woman who birthed our daughter. As she celebrated New Year's Eve that year .... what must have she been going through ... knowing that any minute her body would go into labor and she'd need to dismiss herself from her life and family and rush to the hospital to deliver a child? Not just any child ... but the child whose laughter and noise fills our house each day. What must it have been like to feel so incredibly alone? How scary must it have been when there were complications and she had to pull herself away not knowing if this little one would even make it? I shudder to think of how great a burden she carried with her all those months.

Today we celebrate this little girl's birthday. But for this momma's heart it's never just simply a day that marks another year. It's a time to remember ... to reflect ... to give THANKS to the Lord for all He has done. It's a time to be in complete awe of His great faithfulness.

Precious Naomi .... you have as much spunk as the size of Texas. Your life has blessed us in ways we could never have imagined. As a baby you brought much sleep deprivation to us that sometimes continues still today. :) We love how you absolutely adore your big brothers. We hope you will learn that you don't always have to prove you're bigger than your little sister. :) There is so much that I want for you, little one. I want you to grown into the young woman God designed you to be ... even with that tinge of vinegar He put inside of you. I want you to know as you grow up that your family and home will always be a safe haven for you, even when the world can be a bit cruel at times. Most of all .... I want you to know that the One who created you can be trusted through each season of your life ... through every year ... every valley and every mountain top. Happy 5th Birthday, precious girl. We love you so very much!

Today we start a new year. May each day find us trusting in the Lord more and more, no matter where this journey takes us. He is our absolute joy! The reason we get up each day. The One we thank when all is going well and the One who is worthy of our absolute trust and obedience during each challenge that comes.

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trophy said...

Love this entry in your blog! This spunky little five year old brings this grandma much joy!