Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Birthday Boy, Doing Hair and Setting the Stage

Sorry ... any of you that actually read this blog ... I've been very negligent on any updates. What can I say? ... the delays and unknowns in our lives leave us in "coping mode" much of the time and not much extra left. November left us really aching for extended family and sad we'll not be with them for the holidays. But it also brought a visit from grandparents which was HUGELY appreciated, a Birthday Boy celebration, lots of hair and "setting the stage" for an open house.

Our youngest son turned 11! .... can that really be? He is for sure our bundle of dynamite. Always has been, probably always will be. I LOVE how our children are so different, even though every now and then certain aspects can put this momma over the edge. :) Josiah wanted a football cake so that was a fun project. We enjoyed a great evening with friends, lots of pizza and plenty of chocolate! He had a great day! :)

Hair! ... what more can I say? We do lots of hair in this house. Naomi was in great need of a trim, as her hair had never been evened up throughout the baby-days-stage. So I finally conquered the task. As you can see, she hammed it up for her brothers taking the photos. :) Then came some braids, which only stayed in 24 hours. YEAH, you read that right! We'll not be doing that again soon. Back to twists that she can handle sleeping on. Maybe someday her desire for braids will overcome her sensory issues and she'll be able to handle it. Until then, we'll try something else!

We've been swamped preparing for our local craft fair (pics to come later on our projects) and decorating the house for the Tour of Homes! Our town invited us to participate to hopefully get the locals through here and let them see the renovations. BUT!, with all our Christmas things being shipped to IL, this has been quite an undertaking! Time to get out the paper crafting supplies and go to work. Thus another reason for our lack of updates.

While we long to have this move over and transition more complete in our lives .... we often stop and talk about God's incredible faithfulness to us while we wait. HE is so GOOD, even when circumstances are not. HE is in CONTROL, when we are so not! HE is our STRENGTH, when we have nothing left.

The Lord has been so faithful to teach us through this time. In the days ahead I'll share more with you about that. In the meantime we have to finish a mass of loose ends for the upcoming Tour of Homes. Would so appreciate your prayers concerning the sale of our home.


Vashti said...

And she looks so cute with the braids!
I know exactly how you are feeling with family so far away. But I am sure that you will have a awesome holiday time with that nice big family of yours.
Be Blessed!
V x

Lori S said...

Those pictures are adorable!
I hope and pray that God works things out for you with your move!
God Bless!

solas4me said...


Naomi's hair is so cute! You will have to give me pointers when "A"'s hair is long enough to play with :) I love the football...that gives me some ideas for my little cake business! Thanks! Keep your head up and our prayers will be with you and the sale of your home...

The Albertsons said...

lady, you are one awesome mama to be able to do that hair. in approx. 6 years I'll need major advice, hopefully for two little heads of girl hair :).
hope the tour went well???