Monday, December 22, 2008

Winter in ND!

Well, in "our plan" we'd be spending this winter in IL. However, here we are. :) It has truly been a time of reflection. As we wait on our house selling and for some details to come together for our move to IL, we look back and recount all the times in our lives that God has proved himself faithful. What a comfort that is!!!

Recently, the kids all bundled up and ran outside for a quick photo session so I could complete a project for all the grandparents. This week we're to get a heat wave for above zero temps .... so I'm sure they'll be out enjoying the snow and sledding!

While we continue to trust the Lord about all the unknowns in our lives ...... we also REJOICE in WHO He IS and what HE came to offer. How blessed we are to have such a loving, heavenly father. What JOY is in our hearts to celebrate His birth.

Warm blessings to you from frigid North Dakota!

1 comment:

Vashti said...

Adorable photos! I wish we had snow here, instead we have horrible heat!!!
The girls are just too cute in their snowsuits.
Have a Magical and Blessed Christmas!
Much love