Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A New Chapter . . .

WELCOME! Well, we're entering a new chapter on this journey of life. Right now this new blog is looking really, really empty! Kind of intimidating. :) I suppose you could summarize the last several months of our life by one word ..... t-r-a-n-s-i-t-i-o-n. Not sure what I think about that word, honestly. It envelopes SO many things. Fear, excitement, anxiety, UNKNOWN, and unanswered questions, just to name a few. Regardless though of what we think or feel, we can be sure that the One we serve is unchanging ..... He's our rock, our fortress, our strong tower. We can testify that without Him, we would surely be sunk!

Currently we are in the process of selling our house and relocating to Illinois. While we are anxious to have our house sold and settle into our new home/life/routine ..... our hearts are heavy and sad as we think of leaving dear friends and loved ones behind. Will that all happen in one month, or one year .... only the Lord knows. What we do know is we're only gonna make it through this transition by clinging to Him.

Many of you probably followed our journey to the most recent member of our family here. Well, as that journey came full circle and we now venture off on a new one .... it was time for a relocation on-line as well. While we needed to respect our agency's parameters for not sharing much about fund-raising on our Ethiopian adoption blog, we also are keenly aware that finances are such a huge part of adoption. So we hope that at this new "on-line home" we can address some of those issues and offer encouragement to those wrestling through all of that.

If you are a family currently on the adoption journey, be sure to leave a comment and let us know where you are at in the process. It would be a privilege to follow along with you and pray for you.

Soon, we'll be sharing more about what all our new ministry/life is gonna look like. Right now, we just wanted to say WELCOME! ..... Lord willing, we'll be striving to encourage, strengthen and equip families in their journey of adoption.


Rebecca said...

We're excited about your new ministry! Ben and I were just talking about you guys tonight :)

The Albertsons said...

Did you know that you guys are ROCK STARS in the adoption world? Oh yes, you are!

solas4me said...

New Blog looks great! We are looking forward to reading and gleaning more wisdom from the Roberts family!

The Darlings