Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sorting Socks and Singing

You know ... that dreaded task, of sorting/matching all the odd socks. It seems like a "never-gotten-to-job" around here. I oddly found myself alone while doing the task and my mind was just bombarded by all the details of our future that have yet to be determined. As often is the case though when my mind gets overly consumed by all the "unknowns", the Lord faithfully reminds me that HE KNOWS. He knows every detail, every question, every burden, every fear. Soon I found myself singing songs that He so gently brings to my mind to help me claim truth and not become numb by doubt.

I found myself amazed once again, by His faithfulness to me. After realizing what had just happened (yet again) ... I remembered a wonderful song by Chris Tomlin about this very thing. Press play and hear for yourself.

Thank you, Lord, for your faithfulness ... to help my heart want to sing.

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The Albertsons said...

Great words!!!
And, praying for your far-away son. Love you all...