Sunday, September 28, 2008

Unexpected Blessings . . .

Yesterday we had the absolute privilege of having new friends over. Had our upcoming move gone according to "our" time table, we would have missed out on this HUGE blessing in our lives, as we wouldn't even have met our new friends. It's really made my heart experience deep gratitude to the Lord.

Fall is in full swing in ND (lack of rich hues of purples, reds and oranges like IL), and winter will all too soon make its way here. Selling a home in ND in the middle of winter is about like selling an air-conditioner to an Eskimo. But as we once again try to lay those concerns aside . . . we have to wonder if there are even more unexpected blessings yet to be experienced.

Last fall at this time, we had just finished our dossier for Ethiopia and were going on the "wait-list" for our referral. This year we're still swirling in a sea of unknowns. Sometimes I feel sea-sick ... at times I wonder if we are sure of what direction we're going ..... other times I wanna jump ship altogether. Ever feel like that? :)

But as we look back over the course of life God has brought us on, we are so amazed by His faithfulness. It's most certainly not been a life of "smooth sailing" .... but He is worthy of our Praise, our Thanks and our Hope. We can follow Him confidently, knowing His way is the right direction in our lives.

What about you? Are you weary, overwhelmed, or feel as if you might sink? I encourage you to trust in your Heavenly Father. You never know when He is going to bring about "Unexpected Blessings" in your life.

Oh Lord, how we want to trust you more. Thank you for so graciously providing to our family "Unexpected Blessings", at a time we needed to see you so badly. Help us to be faithful, as you are faithful.

A fun little side-note. Our new friends happen to be walking the journey of adoption. Ethiopia. We are so full of joy to get the opportunity to experience this incredible miracle with them.


Shawnda said...

that was encouraging, Shelly! I could definitely use one of those unexpected blessings...specifically in friendship! Thanks for sharing!!!

Lori S said...

It is so nice to see the unexpected blessings and know that God knew they were coming all along! Amazing!

solas4me said...

Isn't it wonderful that God always seems to bring the right people into our lives at just the right time!? We are so thankful that the Lord brought YOU guys into our lives at just the right time....God's timing is awesome! Thank you for YOUR friendship!

The Darlings

The Albertsons said...

so great :). I'm very glad for you, because I know this is a desire of your heart... now if only I could come see you...