Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Getahun update

Thanks so much of those of you who have checked in with us about Getahun .... I know several of you are also praying for him and that is so comforting. Well, we have received word from him and he's with his grandmother right now. I don't want to share many details on the blog about this. Thanks for understanding. He isn't able to get the care he needs at Kolfe .... nor is he really able to get the care he needs at his grandmothers .... but that's where he is right now and I'm grateful for his trust in the Lord. This move (for now) also means he isn't in school. This is a huge "not-good" thing. His education there is his future hope. He is such an amazing student. So your continued prayers for his health are GREATLY appreciated!!!

One thing I am learning is that there are no easy fixes for the fatherless. I "knew" this before .... but walking this journey with Getahun .... it's much more deeply embedded into my heart. So we'll continue praying for him and loving him from afar the very best we can.

May I also say here that someone from our agency was very helpful in checking on him for us as well. We are SO grateful for a staff that truly cares for the orphans in Ethiopia. Not only those they are able to find homes for .... but those also whose status will remain.

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The Albertsons said...

Thanks for the update... continued prayers for your far away son! I'm so sad for him right now...
love you all...