Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Card Info

So ..... along with a huge passion for adoption and family .... I enjoy a little "side business" with card-making. I hold monthly classes here in our home. Many of you know that this is hugely how we funded Maleah's adoption. I will share more on that story in another post. But for now, just wanted to let you know that over HERE you can see what I've been up to concerning card production and if there's ever any way we can help fulfill your card needs, please let us know! This is only a small sampling of what we do. I say "we" ..... because pretty much everything in our home is a team effort. We continue (on a much smaller scale now!!) to sell cards to finish paying our no-interest loan through the ABBA Fund.

In the future I'll be gathering resources for the many fabulous things out there that families have done to help bring their children home. I would LOVE to hear what you've done! Please share in the comments section!! Your ideas will help spur on others about what THEY can do also!! Not only do funding projects help to bring your child home, but it is just an amazing way also to raise awareness in your communities for the needs of waiting children! Just leave a comment and I'll be in touch to highlight your family/project in an upcoming post. Thanks so much! Be sure to check out the resources in Jason's blog that he does for the Abba Fund. It's full of a wealth of information, including this topic as well!


solas4me said...


What a great idea! I just love the card..what a talented lady you are :)
Of course you know that our most successful fundraising efforts was with yard sales. We were pretty successful with these. Another idea that I heard just recently was to hand out lots of baby bottles to whomever would take them with notes attached to them about the families adoption plans. Then people would fill these bottles with change/bills and return them to the family full. What a great idea I thought!

Shawnda said...

I have over a 1000 unread posts in my reader!!! : ( It's been awhile! But these cards are ADORABLE! You are so gifted!!!! : )